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  • Remove deprecated application server types from New-VaasCertificate


  • Add Find-VaasMachine to find machines by type or status. The list of attributes to search by will increase over time. Find-VaasObject -Type Machine can always be used as well.
  • Add Get-VaasMachine to get machines by uuid, name, or get all.
  • Update Invoke-VaasWorkflow output to include workflow id (wsClientId)
  • Add machine creation functions New-VaasMachine, New-VaasMachineIis, and New-VaasMachineCommonKeystore. These require PowerShell v7+ and have parallel processing. New-VaasMachine is for basic machines with hostname, credential, and optional port, eg. Citrix and F5.
  • Add machine types to $VenafiSession.MachineTypes when using New-VenafiSession for VaaS
  • Add Invoke-VenafiParallel private function to easily execute operations in parallel. Requires PowerShell v7+.
  • Add argument completer to New-VaasMachine -MachineType and Find-VaasMachine -MachineType for dynamic tab-ahead list of machine types
  • Add PSSodium as a nested module, required for machine creation functions


  • Add Find-VenafiCertificate -SavedSearchName to find VaaS certificate details via an existing saved search filter
  • Add Get-VaasSatellite to retrieve vsatellite details optionally including encryption key and algorithm
  • Add Set-VaasCertificateAssignment to add or replace applications associated to certificates
  • Add User property to $VenafiSession when connecting to VaaS. All kinds of helpful info here including company ID.
  • Fix credentials not being written to the vault with New-VenafiSession -VaultVaasKeyName


  • Add specific error messages when a TPP token scope/privilege is not sufficient for the current function. The message will include both the current and missing scope/privilege, #175.
  • Add Set-VaasTeam to update existing VaaS teams. You can update the name, role, and/or user matching rules. User matching rules can be overwritten or appended to.
  • Add Remove-VaasObject to remove a VaaS team, application, machine, machine identity, tag, or connector.
  • Remove TppObject class. This was causing issues for some who aren't familiar with the Using keyword and differences between it and import-module when it comes to classes.
  • Add Invoke-VaasWorkflow to trigger either a Test, Provision, or Discover machine/machine identity workflow. As one example, this is super helpful when looking to automate renewal and provisioning of certificates that may expire soon.


  • Fix error with Get-TppPermission when an identity which had been permissioned has had its account deleted. Explicit permissions will be returned, but the identity path and name will be null as we can no longer look it up from the provider.
  • Get-TppPermission -Attribute has been deprecated. Identity path and name are included in the return object. For other attributes, use Get-TppIdentityAttribute.


  • Add Set-TppAttribute -NoOverwrite to allow additions to an attribute list. #189
  • Add Get-TppAttribute -NoLookup for the remote cases where a built-in attribute and custom field have the same name. The default will be to look for a custom field. Use -NoLookup to override. #192
  • Add ability to export the chain on VaaS with Export-VenafiCertificate
  • Add ability to export a certificate to a file on VaaS with Export-VenafiCertificate
  • Fix certain characters in friendly name causing Test-TppIdentityFormat to fail, #205
  • Add ability to set specific permission with Set-TppPermission and not just an entire permissions object, #197
  • Enhance pipeline support for Set-TppPermission
  • Fix failure removing a custom field value with Set-TppAttribute, #199
  • Fix ConvertTo-TppFullPath appending '\ved\policy' incorrectly on non-Windows environments


  • Add support for JWT token authentication in New-VenafiSession and New-TppToken


  • Add 'all' token scope with 2 values, 'core' and 'admin'. 'Core' is all scopes except for admin and 'admin' includes admin. Use as New-VenafiSession -Scope @{'all'='core'}. Not suggested for production environments
  • Add -SkipCertificateCheck to New-VenafiSession and New-TppToken to bypass certificate checking, useful in pre-production environments, connecting via IP, etc. If you aren't creating a new session, but providing a token directly to a function, the same functionality can be found by setting an environment variable $env:VENAFIPS_SKIP_CERT_CHECK=1. If vaulting your token, this value will also be vaulted in the metadata making it very easy to use New-VenafiSession -VaultRefreshAccessToken $name and connect to pre-prod environments with no certificate checking
  • New-VenafiSession -VaultMetadata is now deprecated and metadata will be vaulted by default
  • Token scope is now vaulted in metadata and added to $VenafiSession when using -VaultAccessTokenName or -VaultRefreshTokenName of New-VenafiSession
  • Update Write-VerboseWithSecret to support secrets in delimited json
  • Fix TppObject ParentPath error when it contains certain characters, #186
  • Fix object does not exist error with Move-TppObject in a try/catch, #185


  • Fix Get-TppClassAttribute -All error when providing VenafiSession directly, #182


  • Add Remove-TppObject to remove any object. Multiple people have asked for this so it's been added, but be careful using it as it can be very destructive. Recommend using -WhatIf to validate.
  • Fix Invoke-VenafiCertificateAction always running as verbose, #173
  • Fix Set-TppAttribute error when providing a null value, #176
  • Fix Set-TppPermission error when providing VenafiSession directly, #174


  • Add specific event webhook subscription, not just types, and criticality option to New-VaasConnector
  • Fix Get-TppObject returning invalid parent path, #166
  • Fix Get-VenafiCertificate -All not paging through all results, #164
  • Update Remove-TppCertificate and Remove-TppCertificateAssociation to align with latest Get-TppAttribute changes, #168


  • Fix Set-TppAttribute not setting integer values, #145
  • Fix New-VenafiSession sending null header for windows integrated authentication, #162


  • Add Find-VaasObject to search for ActivityLog, Machine, MachineIdentity, CertificateRequest, and CertificateInstance
  • Add -IssueDateBefore and IssueDateAfter to Find-VenafiCertificate for TPP
  • Add New-TppObject -Force to create missing parent policy folders
  • Supercharge New-TppPolicy
  • Add -Name to provide a list of policy folders to create
  • Add -Attribute and -PolicyAttribute to set both kinds of attributes at policy creation time
  • Add -Force to create missing parent policy folders
  • Update messaging for Export-VenafiCertificate when using parameters for the wrong platform, #149
  • Update New-VaasApplication -Owner to accept a name in addition to guid
  • Update VaaS searching to be aware of fields/values case sensitivity and adjust where needed. Eg., certificatestatus as opposed to certificateStatus.
  • Fix Find-TppObject parameter sets to disallow -Recursive when -Path not provided, #153
  • Fix Find-VenafiCertificate -Issuer not working due to missing quotes, #146
  • Fix Invoke-VenafiRestMethod -FullResponse consuming certain errors instead of throwing them, #152
  • Fix Get-VaasIssuingTemplate -All not executing under certain circumstances


  • Minor bugfix


  • Add Add-TppAdaptableHash to automate the updating of an adaptable script hash. Thanks [@wilddev65]!
  • Add New-VaasCertificate to create new certificates with VaaS
  • Add Revoke-TppGrant to revoke all grants for a specific user
  • Update Import-VaasCertificate to accept a name for the application (wildcards supported)
  • Add Get-VenafiCertificate -All for VaaS
  • Update Get-VenafiCertificate to persist -ExcludeExpired and -ExcludeRevoked when using -All
  • Fix parameter error with Get-VaasIssuingTemplate when piping multiple values


  • Rewrite Get-TppAttribute
  • Greatly simplified with far less parameters needed
  • Attributes, which have values, available as properties at the root level in the response. This is useful for direct value access.
  • A property named Attribute has been added with all attribute names, values, and configuration. This is useful for looping over the attributes, determining where a policy attribute is set, and more.
  • Add TPP engine management functions Add-TppEngineFolder, Find-TppEngine, Get-TppEngineFolder, and Remove-TppEngineFolder. Thanks @ccamacho1966!
  • Add VaaS connector management functions Get-VaasConnector, New-VaasConnector, and Rmove-VaasConnector. Currently limited to webhooks with event type scope.
  • Add VaaS and TPP certificate deletion to Invoke-VenafiCertificateAction
  • Add -IncludeVaasOwner to Find-VenafiCertificate and Get-VenafiCertificate to include user/team owner detailed info on VaaS
  • Add 'application' property to Find-VenafiCertificate and Get-VenafiCertificate with application details on VaaS
  • Add -All to Get-VenafiCertificate to retrieve all certificates. This replaces the default behavior of getting all with no parameters.
  • Add prepending '\ved\policy' when a root path isn't provided to many functions
  • Fix Invoke-VenafiCertificateAction not triggering some actions on VaaS
  • Fix Get-VenafiCertificate returning TppObject instead of detailed certificate info when getting all
  • Note: please test your code when using the above functions as there are breaking changes in this release


  • Add paging support to Find-VenafiCertificate for VaaS
  • Update Get-VaasApplication -ID and Get-VenafiTeam -ID for VaaS to accept a name in addition to guid


  • Fix Set-TppAttribute failing to set a custom field value on a policy, #131


  • Add validation and error handling in Get-VenafiTeam for invalid IDs, #126
  • Add messaging and error handling in Get-VenafiTeam for local groups, #127
  • Add support for PrefixedName identity format in Test-TppIdentity and Get-VenafiIdentity, #128
  • Fix Split-Path failing in TppObject class, and other functions where applicable, when PowerShell reserved characters are used in the object name, #129


  • Add Import-VaasCertificate. Export from TPP right into VaaS (and vice versa).
  • Import-TppCertificate updates
  • Add pipelining with either -CertificatePath or CertificateData. You can provide FileInfo objects or just an array of paths.
  • If using PS v6+, import will now use parallel processing. Control the number of certificates imported at once with the new parameter -ThrottleLimit. This is definitely the recommended approach for bulk importing.
  • Add prepending '\ved\policy' to -PolicyPath if not provided
  • Get-TppAttribute updates
  • -Attribute can now accept custom field labels/names to retrieve the value, #74
  • Return Locked and Overridden values where applicable
  • Notify user when attribute name provided to -Attribute is not valid
  • Fix SecretManagement module existence check not always being triggered in New-VenafiSession, #123
  • Add 'certificate' field to Write-VerboseWithSecret to hide certificate data being passed to VaaS
  • Allow any attribute names for Get-TppIdentityAttribute -Attribute, #125


  • Add docker image with each new build and publish to dockerhub. Add the below environment variables recognition for use with docker image, but could be used outside of it as well. This is great for ci/cd scenarios and more.
  • TPP_SERVER - TPP server url
  • TPP_TOKEN - TPP oauth token
  • VAAS_KEY - VaaS key
  • Fix Set-TppAttribute not clearing a value. You can now pass $null to clear an object's attribute value, #119


  • Add New-VaasApplication to create a new application on VaaS
  • Add Get-VaasIssuingTemplate to retrieve 1 or all certificate issuing templates on VaaS
  • Add -All parameter to Get-VaasApplication to retrieve all applications
  • Deprecate Get-VaasOrgUnit as it's being deprecated by VaaS


  • Add new output format for Get-TppAttribute using the parameter -New. Attributes will now be provided as object properties as opposed to individual objects for each property, which made it difficult to retrieve the value itself. This new format is available for all ways of using the function including attribute, effective attribute, and policy retrieval. This new format will become the default in the future.
  • Add Get-TppAttribute -PolicyClass -All to retrieve all policy attributes at once
  • Add New-TppCertificate -WorkToDoTimeout to override the global setting for a CA to issue/renew certificate
  • Add support for api limitation of 5k clients at a time when calling Remove-TppClient
  • Add support for VaaS user matching rules with New-VenafiTeam
  • Add setting common name, if not provided, as the object name in New-TppCertificate, #110
  • Fix syntax error when using New-TppCertificate -Csr, #111
  • -Guid has been deprecated from Get-TppAttribute


  • Add Search-TppHistory to find historical items by attribute value and their associated current item
  • Fix Move-TppObject not appending object name when moving multiple objects to a new folder and passed via pipeline
  • Update Find-TppObject to allow passing of empty string for -Pattern to find objects which don't have a value set


  • Fix certain aliases not being exported


  • Add authentication options, VaaS key or TPP token, in addition to VenafiSession to be provided directly to any function that supports that platform. This better enables devops scenarios so 1 call can be made for a function as opposed to executing New-VenafiSession first. Note, if using this with TPP, an environment variable named TppServer with the url of the server must be set.
  • Add Test-VenafiSession private function to add support for the new authentication methods as VenafiSession.Validate isn't used. Invoke-VenafiRestMethod has been updated to accept these new authentication methods as well.
  • Add option to export from VaaS in JKS format
  • Migrate docs site to Material theme


  • Update Find-TppCertificate to Find-VenafiCertificate and add VaaS certificate search functionality
  • Add -Policy to New-VenafiTeam so a team can be associated with one or more policies
  • Fix PolicyPath property of TppObject not returning the proper value due to special characters


  • Add New-VaasSearchQuery (private function) as the framework for VaaS searching including filtering, ordering, and paging. This will be used by certificate search, log search, and probably more in the future.
  • Add Read-VenafiLog utilizing the new search framework for VaaS. Merge existing Read-TppLog into 1 function to support both VaaS and TPP.
  • Add Get-VenafiTeam to retrieve all or specific team info, VaaS and TPP
  • Add New-VenafiTeam to create a new team, VaaS and TPP
  • Add Remove-VenafiTeam to remove a team, VaaS and TPP
  • Add Add-VenafiTeamMember to add a team member, VaaS and TPP
  • Add Add-VenafiTeamOwner to add a team owner, VaaS and TPP
  • Add Remove-VenafiTeamMember to remove a team member, VaaS and TPP
  • Add Remove-VenafiTeamOwner to remove a team owner, VaaS and TPP
  • Add ConvertTo-TppIdentity to standardize TPP identity objects
  • Add Get-VenafiIdentity to retrieve a specific identity, the current user, or all, VaaS and TPP. This replaces Get-TppIdentity. The ability to retrieve associated identities and group members has been extended to -All.
  • Change Invoke-TppRestMethod to Invoke-VenafiRestMethod in remaining internal module calls
  • Move key/token refresh messaging to TPP only in VenafiSession as no refresh for VaaS
  • Default -UriRoot in Invoke-VenafiRestMethod to v1 for VaaS


  • Fix VenafiSession reporting incorrect session platform on PS v5
  • Fix Export-VenafiCertificate for VaaS failing with ConvertTo-Json error


  • Add support for double slash paths used by the adaptable framework, #75
  • Add AsValue parameter to Get-TppAttribute making it easy to retrieve just the value when 1 attribute is requested
  • Update return type when using Find-TppCertificate -CountOnly from string to int


  • Add -IncludeMembers parameter to Get-TppIdentity to include members if the identity is a group, #83
  • Update Get-TppIdentity to return IsGroup for all objects, not just ones where IsGroup is true
  • Update Get-TppIdentity -IncludeAssociated to return the property Associated for all objects, not just ones where there was a value
  • Add -VaultAccessTokenName to Test-TppToken to validate a token stored in a vault, #81


  • Add -Csr parameter to New-TppCertificate and Invoke-TppCertificateRenewal, #76
  • Add -Device and -Application parameters to New-TppCertificate to allow creation of devices and apps
  • Add NoWorkToDo parameter to New-TppCertificate to turn off processing for that update
  • Fix revision part of version being -1 when running Get-TppVersion, #80
  • Fix Invoke-VenafiRestMethod alias not working in PS v5 in VenafiSession, #85
  • Fix duplicate parameter error using -IncludeAssociated in Get-TppIdentity, #82
  • Update vault usage in readme, #78


  • #71, add group and event id validation to Write-TppLog as well as help updates
  • Add the ability to access classes and enums outside the module
  • Add paging to Find-TppCertificate, deprecation messaging for -Limit and -Offset in favor of PS standard -First and -Skip
  • Update Get-VenafiCertificate to ensure empty values for some date properties don't cause an exception


  • #69, add -CustomField property to New-TppCertificate, required when working with mandatory custom fields.
  • Update New-TppCertificate to ensure -CertificateType property is honored
  • Update with new Venafi logo


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Fix #4, Remove-TppCertificate deletes associated objects by default, add -KeepAssociatedApps and remove -Force
  • Add pipeline support to -SourcePath in Move-TppObject. Use this to move multiple objects to the same target path.
  • Add New-TppCustomField
  • Add -PassThru option to Convert-TppObject. This is helpful in piping to Set-TppAttribute to update the driver and any other attributes needed.
  • Update Find-TppObject class search to default to searching all policies recursively if no path provided
  • Add Platform and AuthType properties to VenafiSession class. This helps better define and validate tpp vs vaas and key vs token.
  • Cleanup all links to reference 'current' instead of a specific version
  • Fix #63, New-VenafiSession vault params fail if SecretManagement module not loaded in current session
  • Better document token/key secret usage in readme


  • Help updates, #56


  • Moved to Venafi GitHub org, rebranded
  • License is now Apache 2.0
  • Add Find-TppClient to get information about registered Server Agents or Agentless clients
  • Add Find-TppVaultId to find vault IDs in the secret store
  • Add Get-TppCredential to get different credential types, password, username/password, certificate
  • Add parameter -IncludeAssociated to Get-TppIdentity to retrieve associated groups and folders
  • Add Remove-TppClient to remove registered client agents
  • Add Set-TppCredential to update credential values


  • Convert dates from ISO 8601 to datetime objects in Get-VenafiCertificate


  • Older versions of TPP failing to update attributes, #50
  • Fix pipeline for -Path parameter with Set-TppAttribute


  • BREAKING CHANGE: change parameter -NewName to -NewPath in Rename-TppObject to allow moving an object in addition to renaming
  • Add Convert-TppObject to change the class/type of an existing object
  • Fix typos in examples for Add-TppCertificateAssociation and Remove-TppCertificateAssociation
  • Set the default for -Path in Find-TppObject to \ved\policy. Running Find-TppObject without a path will now recursively search from \ved\policy.
  • Add additional pipeline options to Get-TppAttribute
  • Add help and examples to Invoke-VenafiRestMethod, #48
  • Set VenafiSession default value in Invoke-VenafiRestMethod, #47


  • Add -All option to Get-TppAttribute to get ALL effective attribute values for an object. This will provide the values as well as the path where the policy was applied
  • Add getting policies (policy attributes) with Get-TppAttribute
  • Add setting policies (policy attributes) with Set-TppAttribute
  • Add Invoke-VenafiCertificateAction. This is your one stop shop for certificate actions on TPP or VaaS. You can Retire, Reset, Renew, Push, Validate, or Revoke.
  • Cleanup output and verbose logging with Remove-TppCertificate
  • Fix parameter set issue in New-VenafiSession, ensure version and custom field info retrieval doesn't occur when creating a VaaS session


  • Remove validation/limitation from Get-TppCustomField to only retrieve classes of type X509 Certificate and Device
  • Retrieve Application Base custom fields during New-VenafiSession
  • Fix parameter sets in Import-TppCertificate requiring PrivateKey be provided with PKCS#12 certificate, #37
  • Add -CertificateAuthorityAttribute to New-TppCertificate to submit values to the CA during enrollment


  • Add support for local token/key storage with PowerShell SecretManagement. Store your access or refresh token securely and have VenafiPS use it to create a new session.
  • Add Get-TppClassAttribute to list all attributes for a specific class. Helpful for attribute validation and getting values for all attributes.


  • Add support for token refresh to New-VenafiSession and New-TppToken. Auto-refresh $VenafiSession when token expires and we have a refresh token. #33
  • Fix invalid grant details in Test-TppToken, #32
  • Update Version in VenafiSession object, from Get-TppVersion, to be of type Version. Drop Revision from version so now only 3 octets. This assists in performing version validation.
  • Update New-TppToken to account for a bug in pre 21.3 which expected the client_id to be lowercase
  • Update Test-TppToken to validate the tpp version is supported


  • Fix/finalize certificate-based oauth token support, #29


  • Thanks to @harrisonmeister for this contribution!
  • Add support to Export-VenafiCertificate for -IncludeChain and -IncludePrivateKey when using JKS format, #24 and #26
  • Add 'CertificateData' to the list of values hidden with Write-VerboseWithSecret, #25
  • Help updates


  • Thanks to @wilddev65 for this contribution!
  • Add Test-TppToken function to test if a TPP token is valid.
  • Tests an AccessToken, TppToken, or VenafiSession
  • -GrantDetail parameter returns detailed info about token from TPP server response
  • Update New-TppToken to capture the refresh token expiry if part of the response.
  • Update Find-TppCertificate to add -CertificateType as a parameter to filter results by type of certificate. Can use CodeSigning, Device, Server, and/or User.
  • Update Get-VenafiCertificate to get historical certificate versions with -IncludePreviousVersions. -ExcludeExpired and -ExcludeRevoked filters the results.


  • Fix #19, Revoke-TppToken -AccessToken not decrypting password
  • Update Set-TppAttribute
  • Change from name and value parameters to hashtable
  • API calls were sending deprecated payloads, fix this
  • Add custom field validation and -BypassValidation switch. The validation is field type aware and will validate string, date, list, and identity.


  • Add -Force parameter to Revoke-TppToken and Revoke-TppCertificate to bypass confirmation prompt


  • Add -EventId parameter to Read-TppLog to filter by a specific event id.
  • Add EventId to Read-TppLog output. The value matches the hex value seen in Event Definitions in TPP.


  • Add -UseBasicParsing to Invoke-WebRequest to avoid IE profile error


  • Add -CountOnly to Find-TppCertificate to return the number of certificates found based on the filters provided, #12
  • Move from Invoke-RestMethod to Invoke-WebRequest in Invoke-VenafiRestMethod so we get response headers, to be used with -CountOnly above. Invoke-VenafiRestMethod has a new parameter, -FullResponse, to retrieve the complete response, not just content value.
  • Add New-HttpQueryString private function to support HEAD api calls which require a query string and not body.
  • Fix Test-TppIdentityFormat which was failing when the identity guid was surrounded with curly braces
  • Replace -Limit parameter and standardize on -First


  • Fix #10, Get-VenafiCertificate not recognizing session.


  • Add Test-ModuleHash to validate the script files in the module. The release pipeline has been updated to create a GitHub release with a file which stores the file hashes with SHA256. This function will validate the current module against these hashes and provide true/false for success or failure.


  • Fix #6, truncation on json conversion.


  • Rebrand from VenafiTppPS to VenafiPS as the module will now support Venafi products other than TPP. Functions with -Tpp in the name will now be TPP only, -Vaas will be for Venafi as a Service only, and -Venafi will be both
  • Rename New-TppSession to New-VenafiSession and add support for Venafi as a Service. Use the parameter -VaasKey
  • Rename Get-TppCertificate to Export-VenafiCertificate and now supports Venafi as a Service. Alias added so existing scripts don't break.
  • Rename Get-TppCertificateDetail to Get-VenafiCertificate and now supports Venafi as a Service. Alias added so existing scripts don't break.
  • Add Get-VaasOrgUnit for OutagePREDICT
  • Add Get-VaasApplication for OutagePREDICT
  • Rename Invoke-TppRestMethod to Invoke-VenafiRestMethod
  • All tokens and keys have been changed from plaintext to PSCredential for added security


  • Add -KeystorePassword option to Get-TppCertificate. #147. Thanks @Curtmcgirt!


  • Fix #145, Revoke-TppToken doesn't show target. Thanks @wilddev65!


  • Rename 'Provision' to 'Push', aliases added for existing code
  • Add Invoke-TppCertificatePush
  • Fix #130, Get-TppDevice only accepting IP address for host, not hostname. Thanks @Curtmcgirt!
  • Fix #131, add examples to New-TppCapiApplication. Thanks @Curtmcgirt!
  • Fix #132, 500 error setting BindingIpAddress running New-TppCapiApplication. Thanks @Curtmcgirt!
  • Fix #134, server url is blank when running Get-TppObject with secondary token. This was an issue for Get-TppPermission as well. Thanks @stevekeever!
  • Add missing parameters comment-based help for New-TppCapiApplication
  • Fix certificate push not working in New-TppCapiApplication
  • Update links to reference main branch instead of master


  • Identity format validation fix, #126. Thanks @DadsVacayShorts!
  • Add Get-TppIdentity to retrieve Identity info given an id
  • Add Remove-TppPermission, accepts output from Get-TppPermission
  • Add Path param to Set-TppPermission in addition to guid
  • Get-TppPermission now accepts TppObject, eg. from Find-TppObject
  • Set-TppPermission now accepts output from Get-TppPermission for the object and IdentityId so you only need to specify Permission. No need to get guid and identity manually to pass in.
  • Find-TppIdentity output standardized so you can now pipe to permission functions
  • Get-TppPermission returns additional object and identity info
  • Centralize format validation for identities
  • Update help links referring to versions no longer available
  • Find-TppIdentity -Me to be deprecated for Get-TppIdentity -Me
  • Add option to Get-TppObject for guid
  • Standardized on Id/IdentityId for the identity across all identity and permission functions
  • Force missing slash retry to status codes of only 307 and 401
  • Better error handling and messaging through the permission functions


  • Get-TppPermission fix when retrieving multiple permissions, #124. Thanks @DadsVacayShorts!


  • Update Get-TppCertificateDetail help to ensure output lists the correct properties, #119. Thanks @doyle043!
  • Hide secret info, eg. passwords, tokens, etc, when verbose logging. #120. Thanks @bwright86!
  • Add search, get, and remove code sign project and environment functions
  • Fix, provide the correct error message when making rest call and testing to see if a trailing slash is needed or not
  • Update New-TppSession to ensure $TppSession is created even if subsequent custom field calls fail
  • Update TppSession object Validate method to check if token auth is required. Needed for code sign.


  • Add missing filters CreateDate, CreatedBefore, and CreatedAfter to Find-TppCertificate, #117. Thanks @doyle043!


  • Fix header getting stripped causing Write-TppLog to fail, #114. Thanks @stevekeever!
  • Update Invoke-TppRestMethod to retry with trailing slash for all methods, not just Get


  • Add Origin property when creating a new certificate
  • Add icon to project, #37


  • Process to convert a secure password to plain text was failing on Linux, #108. Thanks @macflurry7!


  • Add Import-TppCertificate, #88. Thanks @smokey7722!
  • Make Invoke-TppRestMethod accessible, #106. Thanks @wilddev65!
  • Fix verbose being turned on incorrectly in New-TppSession when getting by token


  • Add token-based authentication support, Integrated, OAuth, and Certificate. Tokens can be used in or out of this module. #94. Thanks @BeardedPrincess!
  • Add CertificateType option to New-TppCertificate
  • Add support for GET api calls which require a trailing slash
  • Fixes in multiple functions where .Add on a hashtable was called in the process block
  • Fix issue #102, Base64 with private key not an available option
  • Update formats which support IncludeChain


  • Add offset parameter to Find-TppCertificate, #92
  • Allow inclusion of private key for format Base64 (PKCS #8) in Get-TppCertificate. Earlier versions of Venafi documentation listed this incorrectly, but has been resolved. #95
  • Get-TppCertificate failing when pipilining due to adding a key to a hashtable that already exists, #96
  • Linux style paths which use / instead of \ were failing path check due to invalid regex, #97
  • PSSA fix for Read-TppLog


  • ProvisionCertificate not triggering a push, #89


  • Add Linux support
  • Add New-TppDevice
  • New-TppCapiApplication
    • Add ProvisionCertificate parameter to provision a certificate when the application is created
    • Removed UpdateIis switch as unnecessary, simply use WebSiteName
    • Add ApplicationName parameter to support pipelining of path
    • Add SkipExistenceCheck parameter to bypass some validation which some users might not have access to
  • New-TppCertificate
    • Certificate authority is no longer required
    • Fix failure when SAN parameter not provided
    • Fix Management Type not applying
  • Add ability to provide root level path, \ved, in some Find- functions
  • Add pipelining and ShouldProcess functionality to multiple functions
  • Update New-TppObject to make Attribute not mandatory
  • Remove ability to write to the log with built-in event groups. This is no longer supported by Venafi. Custom event groups are still supported.
  • Add aliases for Find-TppObject (fto), Find-TppCertificate (ftc), and Invoke-TppCertificateRenewal (itcr)
  • Simplified class and enum loading


  • fix session state not being preserved across internal function calls, thanks Kory B!
  • add Pipeline and ShouldProcess support to New-TppPolicy
  • add ShouldProcess support to New-TppObject


  • add many search options to Read-TppLog
  • ensure the Recursive parameter of Find-TppCertificate can only be applied when providing a path
  • ensure InputObject property of Find-TppCertificate only accepts type Policy so we get a path
  • add TppManagementType enum
  • add private function to convert a date to UTC ISO 8601 format
  • cleanup help in Find-TppCertificate


  • add Subject Alternate Name parameter to New-TppCertificate


  • add Add-TppCertificateAssociation to associate a certificate to one or more application objects
  • update New-TppObject to use Add-TppCertificateAssociation when a certificate is provided
  • update New-TppCapiApplication to use the updated New-TppObject
  • update Get-TppIdentityAttribute to use Test-TppIdentity for validation


  • additional fixes in identity functions


  • fix validation in identity functions


  • Add Integrated Authentication, a credential is no longer required
  • Add Write-TppLog with support for default and custom event groups
  • Add PassThru option for all 'New-' functions, returning TppObject
  • Standardize all enums with Tpp prefix
  • Make enums/classes available outside of the module scope, access these directly at the command line. For example, [TppObject]::new('\ved\policy\object').
  • Fix finding by Stage, StageGreaterThan, and StageLessThan in Find-TppCertificate
  • Add error handling for Get-TppSystemStatus
  • Add Get-TppVersion
  • Rename Restore-TppCertificate to Invoke-TppCertificateRenewal
  • Lots of help/documentation updates
  • Breaking change: Update New-TppObject to simplify the attributes provided, now just pass a hashtable of object key/value pairs.
  • Better parameter support for New-TppCertificate with Name and CommonName
  • Rename Get-TppLog to Read-TppLog